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  • Customizability:  Fill out the form on the homepage for selections that could be a fit for your project. Pick what works or customize a piece based on your project demands.


  • Exclusivity:  ‘One-stop’ licensing direct from the composer/owner makes for seamless and timely audio acquisition.  Have the confidence that your music piece is an original work, uniquely produced- ensuring that your effort is enhanced and stand-out.


  • Added Value:  Having an incredible piece of music in your hands is one thing. Knowing how to optimize it is another.  Stemming from research in audio virtualization, Marc Moglen offers the added value of discussing options for how to optimize sound in digital space.  Optimization consulting is available with your licensed track(s) and members recieve personal attention.




If you need cutting-edge music for your media project- from marketing campaigns to video game soundtracks- you've come to the right place.


Welcome to TranceSoundtrack.Com.


TranceSoundtrack.Com is the flagship music licensing site by composer Marc Moglen. Licensing music from Marc Moglen is direct and exclusive.


The compositional style you'll find here is unique.  It's complex yet minimal and features classically influenced synthetic textures.  Marc's style is original- take a listen!


Please Note that the samples on the homepage are the first 30 seconds of pieces which develop over the course of 1-5 minutes.  These samples demonstrate some composition styles which Marc specializes in.  Full tracks are available for review to members only.





Marc Moglen specializes in Promotional Music, Game Soundtracks, Audio Branding, and more.  Have a unique request?  Don't hesitate to get in touch.


  • Promotional Music: 

    • Theme music to enhance customer engagement by bringing distinction to your brand or marketing campaign.


  • Game Soundtracks:  Theme music to add character and uniqueness to your video game.

    • Also available: Dynamically progressive music to flex the power of your audio engines.


  • Product/Service/Company Branding:

    • Add distinction to your company by having an audio logo for use accross your marketing efforts.

    • Make your product/service distinctive by engaging a little-used (or mis-used) perceptual affinity.





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