Your Auditory Imagination is Unique

Trance Soundtrack.Com Members,

One thing that I have noticed in presenting music is that everybody has their own imagination when it comes to analyzing what a music piece evokes. Where I as the composer hear a spooky forest, some one else might imagine a haunted castle, or even something even less related, like a sunrise over an ocean. There is no correct interpretation of what a music piece evokes. The categorization and tags which I’ve put in place should therefore be viewed as mere suggestions. They could imply a good place to start without sifting through all of the audio. But take a listen around- you might find that the right piece has a label other than your use.

Also, be aware that these are complete compositions with, oftentimes, many changes, some subtle and some more striking. You may want to listen to a piece that piques your interest at the beginning but may not appear like a perfect fit- it could alter in ways that work for you. Especially look out for intros and endings- there’s sometimes a special aspect to these. Some pieces have total breaks (silences). These could be elongated to create more drama- in a trailer for example.

As always, I’m happy to offer specific suggestions if you have trouble picking a piece or are debating between more than one. Just get in touch.




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