How To: Track Listings Info

When you find a piece that works for you, or one which you wish to customize, reference the letter associated with it to the menu below the audio player interface. Please note that the letters are not in alphabetical order on the menu due to regular updates and categorization changes. Next to that letter you'll find the Track Listing Info. Here's what that data means. Check out the How-To: Glossary to understand what sort of short-hand terms I'm using for categorization. Remember, all categorization is merely sugestions. Use your ears and your imagination to find the piece that works best for you.

Description Format:

(1)“Piece Title” (2)[Runtime in minutes:seconds] (3)Suggested Place, (4)Emotion Evoked


(1) Piece Title:

This is the title of the music piece. All pieces are Copyright 2014 Marc Moglen. Please refer to this title when discussing/customizing the piece with Marc.

(2) Runtime:

This is for your immediate reference. Runtime may be varied based on your customization request.

(3) Suggested Place:

Music will be optimized in your media by placing it in the most ideal location. In italics are suggested locations for the audio within your media, however, your decision may vary and most pieces may function in various locations. For example, a music piece that is recommended for use in a Video Game’s splash screen menu introduction (designated by simply “Splash”) may also work well as a rewarding music, as in the completion of a level or game (designated by “Accomp.”). Have questions about a given piece or want to talk about specific ideas? Give me a call or send an email and I’d be happy to discuss some potentials. Please see Glossary below.

(4) Emotion Evoked (or ‘Sense of’):

The sorts of imagery that come to my mind as the composer are often very different than what is evoked in various listeners. I’ve included here a brief description of the sort of feeling or emotion- sometimes an image- that comes to my mind in association with the piece, but you will probably have a differing opinion on this. It may be useful to refer to this field as a first go-to when trying to match your media to a music piece (i.e. check out a piece that has the sound of the ‘distant future’ for your futuristic video game).


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