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September 9, 2015

TranceSoundtrack will present psychoacoustically enhanced music at the world-famous start-up accelerator Founders Space.  Marc Moglen of TranceSoundtrack will talk about his music and allow all present at this "Stress Reduction" workshop to experience relaxation and fo...

September 9, 2015

Trance Soundtrack.Com Members,


One thing that I have noticed in presenting music is that everybody has their own imagination when it comes to analyzing what a music piece evokes. Where I as the composer hear a spooky forest, some one else might imagine a haunted castle...

May 30, 2014

Here is a glossary of some of the shorthand I use in the Suggested Place aspect and Emotional Evoked (or Sense of) categorization.





Accomp:  for end of game or end of level, mission accomplished


Docu: for a documentary film or documentary footage, oftentimes...

May 6, 2014

When you find a piece that works for you, or one which you wish to customize, reference the letter associated with it to the menu below the audio player interface.  Please note that the letters are not in alphabetical order on the menu due to regular updates and catego...

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DJ Marc Edward

音乐艺术制作人Marc Moglen拥有 TranceSoundtrack 网以及许多特许经营的商业音乐资源。通过提供商业化的音乐杰作以及各种音乐流派,如摇滚乐,民歌,古典音乐和电子音乐等,为你的商业创造独特品牌效应和现代商业形象。如果你有任何广告,电影,视屏游戏等音乐的应用与需求,敬请联系我们。

あらゆる音楽ジャンルに精通する作曲家のMarc Moglenの作品を、オンライン上でライセンス販売している。<benative.jp>

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