Marc Edward

Independent Music Artist [Unsigned], Trance

Digital Demo

Demo Track: 

"Epilogue to a Dream"

Epilogue to a DreamMarc Edward
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Goal and Aim

My goal and aim is to have representation from a respected electronic music label to release my tracks and support my music production.  I'm open to both new and established labels that are interested in pushing sonic boundaries.


I'm a music producer based in San Francisco, California.  I recently performed a trance set at Club Monarch.  I previously studied musicology in Germany.  My music brings compelling chord progressions and internal richness to produce a great trance texture.  I have a high level of professionalism.  Let's work together!

Contact Info

Full Name:  Marc Edward Moglen

Artist Name:  Marc Edward


Mobile:  +1 (415) 490-8295

Address:  18 Bartol St. #1181 / San Francisco, CA / 94133 / USA

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