Marc Edward

Independent Music Artist [Unsigned], Trance

Digital Demo

Demo Track: 

"Epilogue to a Dream"

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Please note, time is of the essence.  If I don't hear back to you by 4/30/2020, then I will make this unreleased track available to the public. 

So, if you want this track to be on your label, please get in touch ASAP.

Goal and Aim

My goal and aim is to have representation from a respected electronic music label to release my tracks and support my music production.  I'm open to both new and established labels that are interested in pushing sonic boundaries.


I'm a music producer based in San Francisco, California.  I recently performed a trance set at Club Monarch.  I previously studied musicology in Germany.  My music brings compelling chord progressions and internal richness to produce a great trance texture.  I have a high level of professionalism.  Let's work together!

Contact Info

Full Name:  Marc Edward Moglen

Artist Name:  Marc Edward


Mobile:  +1 (415) 490-8295

Address:  18 Bartol St. #1181 / San Francisco, CA / 94133 / USA

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